Bun Bun Girls: The fake hacker group that is terrorizing Roblox

🍿 2 min read • December 28, 2020

I'm not one to follow roblox drama, because I'm more of a minecraft person. But in this case, this hacking group is so stupid, I looked into it.

So recently this group has come into the spotlight for "hacking" Roblox accounts. They are "extremely dangerous" and "if you see a username with 'bunbun' in it leave or your account will get hacked!"

Well, you've been lied to. Well from recent YouTubers it was an accident but from the Bun Bun girls, not so much. They want to spread fear and cause drama. They want to be feared. But why? Why are we giving into public opinion of being scared? Why should we not have been on roblox on December 20th? Again, you've been lied to.

Some people have spotted this from the beginning. Well, so have I. Number one is the reason that, they use iPads (still laughing over this). Not saying you can't "hack" with iPads but I don't see how you can inject scripts with an iPad. Number two is the name sand the people they are fighting against. Bun Bun girls, dip dip girls, really? Then you have the bacon hair army. Come on, If you are gonna pretend to be hackers, don't pick such childish names. Number three is the fact they seriously uploaded a video basically saying "we've gotten your IP from clicking on this YouTube video"

Yeah, now they are clearly full of it. You can't get IPs from a YouTube video as well, it's really impossible unless you work at YouTube. You upload a video to YouTube's servers. Not stream it from the Bun Bun girl's computers. Also what would they do with it anyways? They have a rough location of where you live. So if you live on 24 Main st. Chicago, Illinois, then it won't show your full address, it will probably return chicago, Illinois as where you live. Chicago's is very popular so are they gonna just gonna do*x your state of illinois?

I really made this to address worried people and to also laugh at their stupidity.