Hello, I'm David. I mainly design websites using JAMstack and Bulma. Languages I like to use for projects include JavaScript, HTML, SCSS, and (occasionally) PHP. This website was made with the awesome Static Site Generator called 11ty. Below you can see what I have been doing lately and contact me.

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jsonsite/cli November 26, 2020 (5:33 am)
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pastedown 1 • 0 •  PHP
A simple Markdown pastebin written in PHP

honeypot 3 • 0 •  JavaScript
A simple open source Honeypot for catching bad web bots.

test-repo 1 • 0 •  Unknown
Just a simple test

awesomeprojects 2 • 1 •  HTML
A list of awesome projects on Glitch!

blog 1 • 0 •  HTML
This blog is somewhat of a archive now. Please see URL for new blog.

rocket11ty 5 • 1 •  HTML
A simple halfmoon 11ty blog based on https://github.com/11ty/eleventy-base-blog.

 Latest blog posts

The case of the unfriendly piece of text November 24, 2020
Thanks to wh0 [http://wh0.github.io/] for making this crazy puzzle! Anyways, when you visit https://unfriendly-text.glitch.me/ on Google Chrome, you will see a message saying "(Chrome users can't see it lol)" which is odd because when you visit it on firefox, you will see a message that looks like this: Ok, but why is that? Well when you visit the site and see the headers, you might see that there is a Link header. Now, according to the MDN docs, > The HTTP Link entity-header field provide

Updating my GitHub profile README November 21, 2020
My old README was really bad. It just just had languages I mainly used and a picture of my avatar. It was just really bad. So, I made something called GitME, It's like 11ty, but for your GitHub readme. It can take data from a javascript file, and give it to a template engine like Nunjucks or EJS. I wanted to add my latest commit, recent GitHub repos, recent projects (from a API), etc So, I remade my GitHub README with actions and git. Basically, just takes the template file and runs it throug

How to make a blog with 11ty and GhostCMS November 10, 2020
This is a pretty simple tutorial on how to make a blog using GhostCMS and 11ty.

 Recent Projects

A Node.js Powered Search engine built on Glitch! Uses parts of Chris Bongers's country search example.

A peer-to-peer notepad that allows you to share rich-text notes.

A simple README generator for your profile or repo. You can use it with nunjucks and ejs!